Huttner's Tierpension
Sandbergweg 22
64331 Weiterstadt

Fon +49 (0) 6150 53297
Fax +49 (0) 6150 50254

Recommended by
Tierfreunde e.V. Frankfurt

Opening hours:
Mo-Fr 10-11 and 15-18 hrs
Sa 10-14 hrs

Closed on Sundays and public Holidays.
Please observe our business hours in any case!


We offer two types of accommodation.

Every dog is placed and shepherded apartly - separated from other dogs - in spaciously, asphalted compounds. Small dogs have a close of ca. 12 square meters (129 square feet). For bigger dogs are bigger compounds available. Normally, there's a flagged floor and the corresponding run for dogs is asphalted and sheltered.

Certainly it is possible to host Dog-Families together, if they're used to live jointly - Therefore it is possible to interconnect the enclosures, which are usually separated by doors.

Our dogs are able to see their conspecifics & "speak" to them all the time, while it is impossible that they can bite/hurt each other. Because of this separate-system, it is always possible to detect illnesses and react expressly in the right way.

Accommodation facility 1

Standard-facilities: Depending to the weather condition the interior is either air-conditioned or heated.

Deluxe-Facilities: For an additional charge of 3€/day the compound will be floor heated.

In both cases the floor of the run is asphalted (antibacterial) and sheltered.

Accommodation facility 2

This facility is especially for dogs, which shouldn't be "pampered" in no case - like sled dogs, Samoyed or service dogs.

Likewise the facilities are asphalted and sheltered and the four-legged friends are able to come into (a visual) contact with their conspecifics.


12,50€ - 19,50€/day (depending on breed) - All inclusive.


For an additional charge of 3€ per hour/dog it is possible to book an big free-run in addition to the usual runs. The dogs can have a fling in here - of course under ward and separated from foreign dogs.

Additional information

Condition of admission is a complete injection. The certificate of vaccination/shot record has to be brought along. Basis for using our free-run is an injection against kennel cough.

During the cold spell we add a surcharge of 1.00€/day for heating

Things to bring along: Leash, blanket, basket or other things, that can be "adapted"/ destroyed by your dog. If necessary: Toys, treats, if needed medication.The latter will be administered without an additional charge (excepting syringes - We don't slosh!).

Ticks-/ and flea-Prevention: You can get tested drugs (for dripping) like "Advantage" or "Frontline" at your vet's office/your drugstore.