Huttner's Tierpension
Sandbergweg 22
64331 Weiterstadt

Fon +49 (0) 6150 53297
Fax +49 (0) 6150 50254

Recommended by
Tierfreunde e.V. Frankfurt

Opening hours:
Mo-Fr 10-11 and 15-18 hrs
Sa 10-14 hrs

Closed on Sundays and public Holidays.
Please observe our business hours in any case!

The way to us

Our postal address is:

Tierpension Huttner
Sandbergweg 22
64331 Weiterstadt/ District: Gräfenhausen

In case you are driving by GPS directions, it may be possible that you will not find us right away, by using "Sandbergweg".

If that should happen enter "Frankfurter Straße", once you've reached the final destination, by using this address, continue until you reach a junktion - keep right (direction of forest), then follow the road, on your way you will see a sign saying "Anlieger frei bis Tierpension Huttner", after approximately 200 meters (656 feet /0.1 miles).

We hope to see you soon!